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Cloud Execution Environment

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Cloud Execution Environment

Provides economy of scale and deterministic performance, while securing an always available cloud environment. For operators, openness and multi-vendor support are important characteristics for cloud infrastructure, both from an infrastructure and application perspective. One of the tools to achieve this is using solutions based on open source.

Ericsson is a platinum member of OPNFV, with the aim of speeding up the implementation of network functions virtualization. Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment is based on OpenStack and a number of other open source projects such as KVM, Linux and Open vSwitch. It supports applications including virtual network functions from Ericsson and third parties. In addition, it is open for infrastructure products from both Ericsson (BSP 8100, HDS 8000) and third parties.

Ericsson has developed a number of features in the Cloud Execution Environment providing key functionality for virtual network functions. Some examples of developed features are VLAN Trunking, Accelerated vSwitch, Compute Monitoring High Availability and Resource Management.

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