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Ericsson Cloud Manager

Product Name
Ericsson Cloud Manager

A cloud management system that enables the creation, orchestration, activation and monitoring of services running on virtualized IT and programmable network resources at consistent levels of quality. With Ericsson Cloud Manager, cloud resources are no longer confined to a single data center, but rather are spread throughout the network to help improve both internal operations and service quality.

Features include:

Self-Service Portals that provide on-demand control to the operator, tenants and end customers.

Catalogs that bring consistency to service definition and modification, as well as to the business rules driving orchestration.

Orchestration coordinates automated processes and manual tasks to provision services.

A Configuration Management Database that consolidates network data for a comprehensive understanding of the virtual infrastructure at both the physical and logical levels.

Activation that manages both legacy (physical) and virtual infrastructure, while supporting multiple hypervisor technologies.

Security supports privacy, regulatory laws and resiliency against cyber attacks.

Metering keeps track of resource usage for billing purposes.

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