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Ericsson BSP 8000

Product Name
Ericsson BSP 8000

Suitable for all types of control nodes needing scalable processing capacity. The BSP 8000 family architecture targets the central office environment with a form factor that provides superior packaging density and low power consumption per transaction.

* Central office modernization -- Many network functions that historically have used their own proprietary hardware can now be served by BSP 8000 servers that support both native and virtualized deployments.
* Multi-application support -- Makes it possible for different applications, e.g. VoLTE, RCS, HSS, HLR and BSS, to flexibly share compute capacity down to blade level.
* Flexibility -- Generic blades that support any X.86-based application, including those from third parties.
* NEBS3 compliance -- This is key to providing high in-service performance required in telecom networks, but also to reduce maintenance and repair costs.
* Small footprint and energy-efficient solutions -- Up to six instances of the same application or six different applications can be hosted in one sub-rack.
* Cloud ready -- Prepared to run in a cloud environment with virtualized control and pay-load network functions.

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