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Ericsson HDS 8000

Product Name
Ericsson HDS 8000

Ericsson HDS 8000 is a new generation of data center system using disaggregated hardware architecture for better resource utilization. The initial focus is on complete operator cloud transformation for network functions virtualization (NFV), IT and commercial cloud operations.

It uses optical interconnect. Combining a disaggregated hardware architecture with optical interconnect removes the traditional distance and capacity limitations of electrical connections. This enables a more efficient pooling of resources, which has a positive impact on utilization and energy consumption.

It also provides:

Hyperscale performance
Enables rapid scale-up, scale-down, adaptive highly focused and resilient customer centric workloads, while dramatically minimizing resource wastage and operational costs.

Disruptive economics
Completely changed approach through the application of continuous attention to standardizing, combining abstracting, automating and governing. Done correctly, it gives the economic benefits of the leading public cloud providers in a private cloud environment.

Perpetual refresh
Enables life cycle management and total cost of ownership to move from unit based servers to individual components.

Catalytic modernization
Through innovative equipment management software, old and new hardware can be brought under one intelligence, governance and life cycle model, since not all infrastructure will be replaced at the same time.

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