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Ericsson Virtual Evolved Packet Core

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Ericsson Virtual Evolved Packet Core

Ericsson is industrializing network functions virtualization (NFV) for improved deployment flexibility, built for the most demanding environments. Ericsson virtual Evolved Packet Core provides tested and validated solutions addressing a large number of vertical use-cases thereby opening up new operator opportunities.

Operators are looking for ways to increase capacity, coverage and at the same time ensure that their businesses KPIs are met.They are demanding a better environment for innovations to be able to try out and to accelerate the introduction of new services at a lower total cost of ownership. They want efficient networks and operations where services can be deployed quickly and effortlessly while having the tools to deploy and offer new services.

The benefits of Ericsson virtual Evolved Packet Core include all the benefits of NFV, but with the Ericsson differentiation a complete end-to-end solution, meaning virtualization of all Evolved Packet Core components. We support flexible deployment of a whole range of virtual network services enabled by vMME, vSGSN, vPGW, vSGW, vGGSN, vPCRF, vDPI, vProbe, vePDG and vTWAG. We provide full feature compatibility with native Evolved Packet Core, maintaining our leadership with best in class compatibility with surrounding systems from devices and RAN to charging systems and services. Native and virtual network nodes will coexist seamlessly in areas such as pool, geo redundancy and load sharing.

We have experience from 45+ virtual Evolved Packet Core engagements, including trials, PoC and contracts since Q3 2013. Ericsson virtual Evolved Packet Core provides tested and validated solutions addressing a large number of vertical use-cases. Key initial virtual network services include:

*Internet of Things
*Distributed Mobile Broadband
*Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)
*Mobile Broadband

The complete Ericsson virtual Evolved Packet Core portfolio is commercially available since Q4 2014. It enables an unprecedented scalability and flexibility from small-scale local deployments to large-scale data center deployments. This means that virtual Evolved Packet Core can be deployed in large centralized data centers, but also distributed close to the radio network.

Building on the market leading Evolved Packet Core applications, we provide smooth, seamless migration paths with unique features across native and virtualized network nodes. All to support simplified operations and fast time to service for the network services.

A successful deployment of a virtualized function depends on the solution completeness, as well as solution openness. Ericsson virtual Evolved Packet Core is supported on Ericsson Cloud System but also on validated 3rd-party execution environments. Multi-vendor PoC has successfully been announced with NTT DOCOMO.

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