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Arista CloudVision & VMware NSX

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Arista CloudVision & VMware NSX

Arista and VMware are delivering a scalable best-of-breed solution for network virtualization in the software defined data center. VMware’s Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) vision leverages core data center virtualization technologies to transform data center economics and business agility through automation and non-disruptive deployment that embraces and extends existing compute, network and storage infrastructure investments. NSX is the component providing the networking virtualization pillar of this vision. As a platform, NSX provides partners the capability of integrating their solution and build on the top of the existing functionalities. NSX enables an agile overlay infrastructure for public and private cloud environments. By leveraging Arista’s robust and resilient underlay infrastructure and CloudVision platform, customers will be able to speed business services, mitigate operational complexity and reduce costs. This is available from a fully automated and programmable SDDC solution that bridges the virtual and physical infrastructure.

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