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Ericsson Enterprise Architecture

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Ericsson Enterprise Architecture

Ericsson Enterprise Architecture services let you more effectively plan the development of your business processes, information systems and technical infrastructure.

We help you bridge the gap between your business, IT and networks, embracing enterprise architecture principles to cover all of your main organizational layers: strategy, business, information systems, network and technology.

Your organization will gain a holistic, comprehensive view of itself, with all components connected together and relationships between them fully understood. Enterprise Architecture also identifies and analyzes the key dimensions of what solutions need to deliver to allow you to achieve desired business outcomes. A planning mechanism builds solid solution business cases and lets you manage the possible impacts on the organization, while defining architectural blueprints that are aligned with strategic intent to help you steer decisions relating to the evolution of your future state architecture.

We can also help you establish an Enterprise Architecture practice that acts as a central planning entity for all capabilities you need in order to reach your business and strategic objectives. An Enterprise Architecture practice lets you:

* Enhance decision making through a holistic view of operations;
* Effectively manage change through impact analysis of affected building blocks and elimination of discovery time and efforts;
* Plan the evolution from your current architecture using guiding principles for planning and the selection of transition states;
* Align IT initiatives and business objectives and express architecture work in terms of business outcomes and capabilities; and
* Shorten time to market by promoting reuse of patterns and packaged building blocks.

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