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Ericsson Organization and Competence Management

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Ericsson Organization and Competence Management

As the complexity of organizational environments continues to grow, so does the complexity of initiatives for introducing change into these environments. Ericsson Organization and Competence Management (OCM) services help you successfully manage and execute change, providing you with an understanding of the drivers and outcomes of a transformation or change project. Then, ensuring that you experience a smooth transition to new ways of working that allow you to achieve your strategic goals and objectives in a variety of change scenarios.

We work in tandem to define, deliver and implement the changes across your organization, people and processes. Organizational change and competence management allow you to plan and implement change in your organizations in a way that minimizes employee resistance and cost to the organization, while simultaneously maximizing the effectiveness of the change effort.

Ericsson OCM also provides monitoring and reviews of organizational performance to make sure operational targets are reached and that the overall business objective is maintained. In addition, we review and assess training and competence development to ensure that learning has effectively influenced real-world behavior and on-the-job skills performance.

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