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Ericsson Application Development and Maintenance

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Ericsson Application Development and Maintenance

Ericsson Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services cover the evolution and maintenance of solutions and applications. ADM allows you to significantly reduce costs, improve the performance of your business, free up staff to focus on strategic initiatives and ensure the stability and availability of applications and systems over time. We leverage our global scale and skill to secure the right competence and reuse of best practices and solutions to deliver on that promise.

Our ADM offering is comprised of the following four services:

Application Development
Application Development is a comprehensive service, from concept design through to build and deployment, meeting specific needs of a specified operational process.

Application Testing
We test and verify the solutions and applications to ensure that they perform as users expect and business processes require for example, ensuring proper integration and systems compatibility.

Application Maintenance
To preserve the value of software over time, our Application Maintenance service keeps it up to date after delivery to maintain and enhance functionality.

Application Management
Application Management supports Application Development, Application Testing and Application Maintenance to ensure they meet defined governance mechanisms, forming the governing framework, guidelines and principles for all ADM activities and deliveries.

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