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Ericsson Digital Telco Transformation

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Ericsson Digital Telco Transformation

We approach your transformation from three perspectives: establishing consistent omni-channel interaction with your customers; gaining understanding through one single view of your customers; and helping you reinvent your operational model for greater agility, and to drive network and IT convergence.

For most operators, becoming a digital telco is a substantial exercise and not one that can be implemented overnight. We will help you establish a sound plan with a series of manageable steps designed to take you to your goal.

Deploy and Migrate
When embarking on this journey, we bring an informed, experience-based understanding of where you are now and also the vision of where you want to go in the future – not just how it all relates to the network and OSS/BSS, but also how cloud architectures or network/IT convergence can open up opportunities for you with both customers and partners.

We concentrate on the areas that matter most to your specific business. No two CSPs are the same in terms of the markets in which they compete, the customers they serve or the nature of their businesses. There is no generically “correct” transformational path to follow. Instead, we use a Value Realization Model and its roadmap throughout the journey to ensure all desired benefits are realized from early in the transformation process.

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