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Ericsson Consulting and Transformation Services

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Ericsson Consulting and Transformation Services

Ericsson Consulting and Transformation Services provides a holistic approach that helps you remain competitive in a market defined by rapidly evolving technology, a steady stream of new players and increasingly demanding consumers. We understand the telecom market and business evolution, and we help you identify user needs and address them through business-model evolution, service-management innovation and technology strategies.

You can also get help to:

* Improve the performance of your existing networks and services and prepare for introduction of new technology
* Develop your organizations and streamline your processes and support systems environment

Our broad portfolio of services covers all areas of today’s complex business, with an emphasis on driving business success through increased revenue, improved user satisfaction and reduced cost.

We offer insights into:

* Consumers and services
* High-speed mobile access
* Risk management and revenue assurance
* Operating and business support systems transformation (IS/IT)
* Operational transformation and efficiency
* Business and network transformation (IP)
* Network and service-quality optimization
* Security and environmental sustainability

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