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Ericsson Expert Analytics

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Ericsson Expert Analytics

Part of the Ericsson Agility Suite, Ericsson Expert Analytics is a big data analytics solution that measures all perceived customer experiences based on metrics and events from network nodes, probes, devices, OSS/BSS and other sources. Key insights used to deliver tailored offers and customer responses include:

* Service level index: Predicts customer satisfaction – based on objective quality and subjective weightings by customer segment – over time, allowing for better targeting of retention or upsell actions.
* Subscriber profile: Incorporates usage trends, location patterns and customer value indicators for a complete understanding of the subscriber and best actions to take.
* End-to-end session record: Correlates experience impacts with granular network and device events and interprets these events to determine the “most probable cause” and, therefore, the “best next action” to improve experience or target offers.
* Device analytics: Provides in-depth insights about which devices drive profitability, usage and superior experiences.
* OTT application analytics. Offers insights about app usage that informs investment and marketing decisions.

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