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Ericsson Cloud SDN

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Ericsson Cloud SDN

Ericsson Cloud SDN is a network virtualization solution that provides seamless intra- and inter-datacenter connectivity for virtual, physical and container-based workloads. It combines an industrialized OpenDaylight controller with advanced routing capabilities in a full open-source, community-driven solution. Adopts an architecture with a centralized routing control plane in the Cloud SDN Controller, along with distributed forwarding planes in the Cloud SDN Switch. This architecture enables full routing capabilities and high performance virtual switching to be offered as part of the Data Center/Cloud Platform and allows operators to interconnect the Cloud platform seamlessly with their existing MPLS based VPN in the Wide Area Networks.

* High performance, open and industry standard, virtual and physical data plane integration leveraging Open vSwitch innovation
* Advanced policy-driven back-end for subscriber and application aware service capabilities
* Best in class business and operational consulting combined with end to end solutions
* Supports industry leading OpenStack distributions, VMWare and Kubernetes
* Overlay networking solution for distributed datacenter and hybrid clouds
* Seamless inter-working with Enterprise and Service Provider BGP/VPN & IP/MPLS WAN infrastructure
* Open integration with industry standard DC fabrics and switches

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