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Ericsson Service Provider SDN

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Ericsson Service Provider SDN

Ericsson’s take on SDN is what we call Service Provider SDN. Realizing the potential of SDN in today’s service provider networks means more than separating the forwarding and control planes. Applying the SDN concepts to service provider networks requires us to think more holistically. This view consists of three key ideas:

1. Consolidate: Instead of a centralized control plane for a single type of network element like routers, we need to consider a logically centralized control plane covering the data center and all elements of the wide area network.

2. Automate: End-to-end service provisioning and service creation.

3. Expose: The ability to abstract service capabilities of the underlying infrastructure and expose them to applications using a programmable interface.

The agility that builds on SDN-driven programmability – letting people, enterprises, devices and applications decide on their connectivity requirements automatically in real time – enables new business models and markets and drives revenue growth.

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