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Ericsson Virtualized Encoding

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Ericsson Virtualized Encoding

Ericsson Virtualized Encoding is a software product that guarantees best-in-class video processing regardless of the platform running the algorithms. Ericsson Virtualized Encoding is completely service-oriented and acts as an abstraction layer between the task of encoding and the platform utilized to run the actual algorithms.

Ericsson Virtualized Encoding addresses the importance of bandwidth by guaranteeing best compression performance, a factor key to both an operatorís revenue and operational costs. It also allows the operator to choose the combination of platforms most suitable for their infrastructure and business needs (cost, speed of deployment, performance, etc.).

Ericsson Virtualized Encoding works deployed on top of a single box all the way to large distributed systems, all under a single API. It is completely resource-aware, meaning the infrastructure can be easily expanded, while ensuring maximum and best utilization of all equipment investment at all time.

Ericsson Virtualized Encoding supports all input-types (compressed off-air or mezzanine and uncompressed), all output-types (traditional linear broadcast on cable, IPTV, DTH satellite and DTT, Multiscreen ABR delivery over IP) and all codecs (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC) and resolutions up to 4K UHD. It can be implemented on processing platforms containing a combination of dedicated programmable hardware, such as Ericssonís video processing chip, in customer premises and software or GPU-based servers on premise or potentially deployed in the cloud.

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