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Ericsson Virtual Router (EVR)

Product Name
Ericsson Virtual Router (EVR)

Ericsson Virtual Router is a carrier-grade, high performance system that offers service and infrastructure deployment agility to operators. Ericsson Virtual Router is designed for flexible deployments, including:

* Throughout the IP network

* Within next-generation data centers

* As part of NFV (Network Function Virtualization) architectures

It is the first truly modular virtual router designed around a cloud-based architecture. Ericsson Virtual Router runs on Intel x86-based servers, which enables operators to choose their hardware platform and deploy a variety of virtualized applications. Its modular architecture enables it to seamlessly scale out beyond the limitations of a single x86 socket or server. It has been designed to deliver industry-leading scale and resiliency for critical carrier applications.

Ericsson Virtual Router has been built from the ground up for the cloud and NFV era. Conceived and designed to increase velocity to virtualization, EVR represents a fundamental rethinking around how virtual network functions will be deployed in next-generation networks and data centers.

Ericsson Virtual Router is easy to deploy and integrate into existing networks. It is managed by a common management framework, shared with the broader Ericsson’s router portfolio.

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