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Ericsson Enriched Messaging

Product Name
Ericsson Enriched Messaging

Ericsson Enriched Messaging provides an evolution path for operators introducing VoLTE, RCS 5.1 and business communication services. The enriched messaging and file transfer functionality gives operators an opportunity to close the functionality gap toward OTT-provided messaging services. It also provides a good tool to defend current SMS/MMS revenues and to lower the cost of legacy messaging.

Ericsson Enriched Messaging enables operators to:

* Leverage key assets: interoperability and reachability
* Launch services compatible with OMA CPM, GSMA RCS-e and Joyn
* Introduce VoLTE and secure the SMS and MMS service continuity
* Offload legacy messaging service equipment with a centralized cloud-based messaging service offering
* Address the messaging parts of a business communication offering to enterprises
* Introduce service differentiators, such as the messaging aspects of One Number services, allowing a common inbox to be accessed by multiple devices

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