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Ericsson Web Communication Gateway

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Ericsson Web Communication Gateway

Ericsson's Web Communication Gateway helps telecom service providers embrace the evolution of communication services into the web. It allows the combination of the latest technology and innovation with existing network assets to create new services and discover fresh ways to leverage existing solutions.

The Ericsson Web Communication Gateway makes communication services accessible to developers by using well-known web technologies like HTTP and WebRTC. This significantly reduces time-to-market for new communication services that can be used on practically any device and inside any application. It creates the potential to reach different industry verticals in new contexts, increasing service reach and providing new business opportunities.

Ericsson's Web Communication Gateway is the bridge between your network and the web. It controls communication signalling between devices and your IMS network. By exposing the communication APIs that translate signalling protocols between the internet and telecommunication worlds in an Internet-friendly way, it becomes incredibly easy to add communication to web-based and native-device applications. A distinctive set of features allows B2B2C collaboration by extending IMS services to a wider customer base through partner channels without the need to provision and maintain individual consumers.

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