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Ericsson Media Resource System (MRS)

Product Name
Ericsson Media Resource System (MRS)

Ericsson Media Resource System (MRS) is a high-performance carrier-class product that provides the converged media plane functionality in IMS networks. It provides superior energy efficiency, capacity, scalability, reliability and footprint by utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

MRS contains all necessary media plane functions for IMS networks:

* The Border Gateway Functionality (BGF) provides the security and policy control for the media plane between IMS core network and access network
* The Multimedia Resource Function Processor (MRFP) provides media services in IMS networks, such as announcements, audio and video conferencing and media processing
* The IP Multimedia Gateway (IM-MGW) is a connectivity layer function for IMS - PSTN network interconnection

MRS can be deployed as combined node or with any combination of these logical nodes.

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