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Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller

Product Name
Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller

The Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller is a key element for managing and securing Diameter signaling, a protocol used for control signaling in LTE networks and IP Multimedia Systems (IMS). The benefits of implementing the product include a more robust signaling network, significant CAPEX and OPEX savings and a reduced risk of malicious IP attacks.

The Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller can be implemented as a native node on the Ericsson Blade Server Platform, as a virtualized function on the same platform or as a commercial off-the-shelf server. The product is part of the Ericsson Unified Signaling solution, which means that it can run together with the Ericsson IP-Signaling Transfer Point on the same hardware and that both network elements can be managed by means of the Ericsson OSS-RC operation and maintenance system.

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