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CloudPlugs IoT Platform

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CloudPlugs IoT Platform

Connects new and legacy things and applications and enables development of device and control applications. Automates device and application lifecycles from a single pane of glass. Available as a subscription, pay-per-use service, as well as for in-house deployments. An end-to-end Fog Computing Automation platform for the Internet of Things that includes:

* Cloud Intelligence with a smart, secure, scalable message bus, a full device and application lifecycle management platform, a trigger management engine, a geo-location engine, a database and storage engine and a billing engine.
* Network Intelligence with efficient protocols like PlugNet, and a multi-protocol transcoding engine that enables seamless new and legacy inter-device communications independent of the protocol the device uses to connect. In addition to WAN intelligence, SmartPlug-based gateways allow seamless device interaction in local networks independent of interface or protocol.
* Cloud-based development environment and web/mobile control applications.
* Cloud-based automation for remote deployment, configuration, updates and management of devices.

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