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Talari Networks Software Defined WAN

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Talari Networks Software Defined WAN

Transforms a traditional WAN into a network that is easy and fast to deploy, offers applications increased reliability and performance while leveraging affordable broadband links that are transformed into an enterprise-class network. It does this by understanding a company’s applications and priorities, while adapting automatically to changing conditions and demands. As an overlay solution, it supports various link types, such as MPLS and broadband Internet, and works well with common services such as WAN optimization or routing.

The solution can be deployed at the physical edge, the virtual edge or in the cloud through the use of a controller, a full suite of appliances and a centralized orchestration and analytics platform.

The controller or Network Control Node (NCN) is an orchestration point for a Talari SD-WAN. Beyond being the central point for SD-WAN configuration, the NCN synchronizes time between all appliances as well as establishes dynamic connections between client appliances. The NCN can be located on-premises or in the cloud.

Physical appliances offer and easy to acquire and deploy SD-WAN option that supports the features, performance and scale to meet the needs of sites that range in size from data centers to small office/home offices.

Companies that want to standardize on commoditized hardware can use the Talari Virtual Appliance VT800, an on-premises software-only appliance which runs on VMWare vSphere virtual server and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Organizations that need to improve the reliability and quality of their Internet access can deploy the Talari Virtual Appliance CT800, which is available for Amazon Web Services or the VT800, which supports Microsoft Azure. Both the CT800 and VT800 act as a gateway to IaaS locations, SaaS applications, and Internet sites.

Talari Aware is a centralized management software that gives IT staff the ability to configure, monitor, and analyze a Talari SD-WAN. It reduces the time and configuration errors associated with deploying Talari appliances as well as provides access to detailed performance data correlated across the network. These capabilities deliver an easy to manage SD-WAN with unprecedented visibility into network and application performance.

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