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Secure DHCP Server Software Appliance

Product Name
Secure DHCP Server Software Appliance

Secure virtualizable DHCP software appliance designed for traditional networking and NFV-based environments. FusionLayer DHCP Server automates the manual routines associated with installing and running traditional DHCP servers with support for virtually any x86-based computing environment, both native and virtual.

Features include:

* Web-based thin client architecture with native SSL support
* GUI-based system and user management tools
* Automated validation of configurations to eliminate downtime
* Support for centralized management via Software-Defined IPAM
* Support for centralized management via Classic IPAM
* Distributed as software appliance with hardened Linux OS and IPS
* Automated software maintenance process
* Native support for asymmetric failover, dynamic DNS and DHCPv6
* Scales up to hundreds of leases per second on a suitable platform

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