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Oracle IoT Cloud Service

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Oracle IoT Cloud Service

Securely connect, analyze and integrate real-time IoT data at scale between connected devices and enterprise applications. Standardize integration of devices with the enterprise and perform real-time, big data and predictive analytics on IoT streams and events. Seamlessly extend enterprise applications and processes with IoT data and allow enterprise and mobile applications to control devices. Enable reliable, secure and bi-directional communication between devices and the cloud and manage all device endpoint identity, metadata and lifecycle states. Real-time analysis of incoming data streams with event aggregation, filtering and correlation, and enrich raw data streams with contextual information and generate composite streams. Query and visualize massive amounts of data with integrated Oracle BI Cloud Service support and enable Big Data analysis. Dynamically dispatch critical IoT data and events to applications and process flows. API-based integration with Oracle and non-Oracle apps and IoT devices and send messages to devices from enterprise & mobile apps, independent of device connectivity.

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