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Ericsson User and IoT Data Analytics

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Ericsson User and IoT Data Analytics

Part of Ericsson’s user data management solution, which allows consolidation of all data from consumers, as well as industry IoT devices in a subscriber data management system. The data management embedded analytics enables service providers to utilize powerful data assets to improve internal efficiency, while exploring new cross-vertical IoT applications.

Service providers can perform real-time analytics on the data stored in subscriber data management systems. It can also fetch data from other network databases and aggregate them in the analysis. Secure exposure capabilities enable cross-industry customer and IoT insights and applications.

Leveraging the insights from data, service providers improve operational efficiency. Some significant examples in this area are IoT cross database consistency, roaming analytics and plan-to-provisioning. Consumers can have an enhanced service experience with, for example, a device management portal and remote control of devices. And the IoT industry verticals benefit both from efficient management of devices, as well as from new business opportunities, such as enhanced key performance indicators monitoring and better target offerings based on customer insights.

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