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Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series

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Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series

Developers looking to reduce solution cost and consolidate Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial workloads can do so with the Intel Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series. These developer and production kits preintegrate key virtualization software components onto platforms based on 4th generation Intel Core vPro processors, thus reducing development time for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The kits provide a production-ready, virtualization software stack supporting real-time, embedded and general-purpose operating systems, which gives equipment suppliers a great deal of flexibility to include IoT gateway, firewall, control and other applications.

Virtualized, consolidated industrial systems based on the new system consolidation kits should enable industrial and automation control OEMs, engineering firms and system integrators to:

Use multiple partitions on a single computing device to simultaneously run both real-time and general-purpose operating systems.
Harness development tools to utilize preconfigured partitions as appropriate for the applications.
Accelerate time to market of high-performance, virtualized industrial systems.
Install fewer subsystems to reduce complexity, footprint and energy usage.
Lower integration and operating costs for customers by reducing the number of devices to manage, test and secure.

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