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Intel IoT Platform

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Intel IoT Platform

Intel IoT Platform provides an end-to-end platform for connecting the unconnected allowing data from billions of devices, sensors and databases to be securely gathered, exchanged, stored and analyzed across multiple industries. The Intel IoT Platform helps deliver innovations to market faster, reducing solution complexity and delivering actionable intelligence by offering a defined, repeatable foundation for how devices will connect and deliver trusted data to the cloud. And it allows OEMs, SIs and vertical industries to develop and deploy solutions using building blocks on the Intel IoT Platform.

Key benefits include:

Deliver trusted data with a tight integration of hardware- and software-based security that starts where data is most resilient to attack.

Utilize technologies that seamlessly communicate to one another, help accelerate time to market and reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining IoT solutions.

Achieve scalable compute from edge to cloud with processors from Intel Quark to Intel Xeon and Intel-based devices, gateways and data center solutions.

Get advanced data management and analytics from sensor to data center.

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