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OIN (Open Invention Network)

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OIN (Open Invention Network)

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Open Invention Network (OIN) is a shared defensive patent pool with the mission to protect Linux. Any company, project or developer that is working on Linux, GNU, Android or any other Linux-related software is welcome to join OIN free of charge or royalties.

The OIN license agreement provides a cross-license between OIN licensees for the technology defined as the Linux System and also grants OIN licensees a royalty-free license to all OIN owned patents and applications.

More formally:

For technology defined as the Linux System, the licensee grants royalty-free patent licenses to OIN and to other OIN licensees and receives royalty-free patent licenses from other OIN licensees. OIN grants royalty-free and field-of-use unrestricted licenses for all OIN owned patents and patent applications to the licensee

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